Texas 4

Texas 4 - a new model of mobile BBQ - BBQ Firms "Route66 grill" designed for thermal processing of meat, fish or cheese. Built on a light trailer up to 750kg on which under the provisions of the traffic does not require the permission to tow trailers. Length of 330cm width 183cm height 230cm with chimneys, BBQ chamber equipped with the ability to adapt on a charcoal grill or baking chamber piglet. Surface of the chamber BBQ 4 grid 120cm / 80 cm with a total working area of 3.8 m / 2, which gives the opportunity to prepare about 1,000 servings of sausages once or coal grill surface 0.95 m / 2 about 250 servings. Powered by the insulated furnace or wood-burning hardwood charcoal.


Meet the taste of food BBQ with "Route66 grill".