Route 66 Texas 2 model
Model TEXAS 2.Urządzenie catering for smoking and cooking products in the hot smoke BBQ.
Basic equipment
-2 X smokehouse area of ​​2.1m / 3 working surface, or 6.72 m / 2
BBQ -1 chamber of the working surface of 2.8 m / 2
-1x charcoal grill diameter 65cm / 26 "of the working surface of 0.6 m / 2
Wood-tray area of ​​0.6 m / 3
-Fireplace 0.5 m / 3
-Total length 512cm, width 185cm, 300cm height
Rotary barbecue, water tray (30l-75l), working sink, water heating system, tempered glass doors, aeration system and temperature control equipment stainless steel tables plus 1m / 2, smokehouse chamber illumination, 12V lighting system, the wheel up
(All options for acceptance)
Weight of 750kg (basic version)


Meet the taste of food, "ROUTE 66 GRILL BBQ"


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