Mobile grilowędzarnia TEXAS first
Built on the chassis of the trailer with a length of 710cm, width 220cm, height 320cm
Basic equipment TEXAS 1:
-2x smokehouse working surface 21.6 m / 2, or 2.6 m / 3
-2x charcoal grill with an area of ​​1.6 m / 2
BBQ-2x chamber of the working surface of 5 m / 2
Chamber BBQ and charcoal grill with a diameter of 80 cm / 32 "
-hearth 0.25 m / 3
Wood-tray 1.4 m / 3
-black steel equipment
Accessories: grill rotating tray water (30l - 200l), working sink, water heating system, tempered glass doors, aeration system and temperature control, stainless steel equipment, awnings zadaszające, plus tables, lighting smokehouse chamber, Lighting 12V, spare wheel, gas stool

Weight of 1950kg (basic version)


Meet the taste of food, "ROUTE 66 GRILL BBQ"


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